Dermatological evaluation and Surveillance

I would recommend a whole body surveillance approach in patients at risk of developing skin cancers.

Risk factors for the development of skin cancer: Chronic ultra-violet light exposure either from chronic sun tanning, history of sever sun burns in childhood or chronic sunbed exposure, fair skinned individuals, older age, men ,chronic chemical exposure (arsenic, industrial tar, paraffin, coal and certain type of oils) , radiation exposure, personal history of skin cancer ,certain chronic skin conditions (old burn scars), Psoriasis treatments (PUVA) , Genetic disorders (Xeroderma Pigmentosa, Basal Cell Cancer Disease), Immunodeficiency states (transplant patients), genetic predisposition, HPV infections and smoking.

Patients identified as having risk factors should have yearly mole-mapping. Mole-mapping is a technique allowing photographic evaluation of pigmented skin lesions. It allows us to identify high risk lesions at an early stage or detect early changes in pre-existing skin lesions.



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