Breast Augmentation is a procedure performed to enhance or restore the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. Breasts may be smalldue to a lack of development or changes following
pregnancy or weight loss. A breast augmentation improves your physical appearance and several psychological studies now confirm that a breast augmentation may enhance your
self-esteem and quality of life if done for the correct reasons.
It is important to realize that the type of incision (for example, around the nipple or under the breast), pocket location (under the muscle, above the muscle or “dual plane”) and choice of
implant (round or anatomical) depends on several factors that include not only yourpreference, but also and more importantly physical findings during the examination with Dr.Mark.
These physical findings play an even more important role when determining the size of the implant. Dr.Mark prefers to use silicone implants as they tend to feel more natural, have less
rippling (visible deformities) and may be less prone to mechanical failure. The choice of the final implant size and characteristics are unique for each and every patient. This minimizes
complications and improves patient satisfaction.



A breast lift or breast ptosis correction is a surgical procedure that restores the breast and nipple back to it’s “normal” or youthful anatomical position following the effects of aging
and/or pregnancy. The technique used is dependent on many factors, including age, quality of skin, history of pregnancy, history of weight loss, etc. During the procedure none or very
little breast tissue is removed. The breast is simply “redraped” into a new position and shape. Often it is advisable to add a small implant when performing a breast lift. This helps to
provide better long-term projection and fullness in the cleavage area.
A breast reduction is a procedure used to reduce the size of the breast. There are several causes of breast hypertrophy or enlargement and these are critically evaluated during the
consultation. A thorough breast examination is also a crucial part of the assessment. Notonly is the size of the breast altered, but also the shape. A breast reduction can significantly
improve self-esteem and confidence. Many patients also report an improvement of symptoms that include back pain, bra strap pain, breast pain and neck pain. There are two ways that
Dr.Mark will reduce your breasts. One is the standard “wise pattern” reduction and the other is the short scar reduction. The choice of reduction technique depends on findings during
the clinical examination.
The addition of a small implant in conjunction with a breast lift is commonly performed at the same time. This has the added advantage of better long-term projection and for patients
desiring more cleavage. The size of the breast can also be made bigger with this technique. Patients requesting breast augmentation that have very loose skin or whose nipples have
dropped significantly following pregnancy usuallybenefit from this type of procedure. Dr.Mark will determine if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure during the consultation


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